Joshua Benitez

No one cares.

Until we fully realize this fact we can not hope to grow up, for without this knowledge it is impossible to precede.

So I’m currently in San Antonio and my family and I are driving back from the park when we see a ton of awesome cars at a Texaco, so I think “why not?” and turn around. The cars were sort of organized in categories, there were some really gorgeous vehicles but it was kind of awkward since I was driving a van and everybody gave me that “what are you doing here” look. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this irl and I wish I knew more about cars so I wouldn’t feel so intimidated in a place like that. But I say about all kinds of stuff, like graphic design and coding and I just wish I had a ton of friends that showered me in knowledge about this stuff so that I could just absorb and bask in it.